The Green Lantern, by Marty Nodell

Martin Nodell was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1915. He studied at the Chicago Academy of Art, the Chicago Art Institue, and then the Pratt Institute after he moved to New York City. Nodell got his first job in comics in 1938 doing freelance work for several publishers before landing at DC Comics where he created the 'Green Lantern' in 1940 with writer Bill Finger. Nodell would do 'Green Lantern' in various DC titles for the next seven years until leaving DC in 1947 to work for Timely Comics. At Timely he drew 'Captain America', 'The Human Torch' and the 'Submariner', among others, until 1950 when he left the comics business for good.

Nodell went into advertising illustration in the early fifties and had a very succesful career until his retirement in 1976. In 1987 he did a few pages of art for DC and was rediscovered by fans.

Green Lantern, by Martin Nodell

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