Helldorado by Ignacio Noé

Ignacio Noé is an Argentinian comic artist and illustrator, born in the town of Escobar. He is an illustrator for children's publications and the press in his home country, while working on comic projects for European publishers. He has drawn for Argentinian children's magazines lke Genios and the daily Clarín, and also for book collections like 'Grandes Clásicos' and 'Grandes Aventuras'. He has worked with Carlos Trillo on the comic story 'Julián King'.

Julian King by Ignacio Noé
Julián King

Noé has published stories in Italian magazines like Lancio Story and Comic Art, and he has made erotic comics for publications in Spain (Kiss Comix), Holland (Penthouse Comix), Germany and the USA. He has had several books published through Eurotica, including 'Doctor! I'm Too Big!', 'The Convent of Hell', 'Aldana', 'Pin-up Artist' and two books of 'The Piano Tuner'.

Aldana by Ignacio Noe

His work for French publishers include the adventure series 'Helldorado' with Jean-David Morvan (Casterman, 2006-2009) and the soccer comic 'Football, dans l'ombre des étoiles' with Michel Dufranne and Stéphane Pauwels (Quadrants, 2011).

Noé has conducated workshops in painting, drawing and illustration fo several Argentinian universities. He has his own drawing and painting workshop in Escobar since 1991.

Pin-up artist by Ignacio Noe
Pin-up artist


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