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André Nollet is a Belgian political, sports and advertising cartoonist. He created two comic books, 'Wervik, Vroeger en Nu' (1968) and '50 Jaar Wervik 2000' (2018) about the history of the village Wervik. He drew the children's comics 'Joch' and 'Krol en Bol' for the Stipkrant, while his comics series 'Toontje & Denis' ran in Raak.

Life and career
André Nollet was born in 1946 in Wervik as the son of a stairs repairsman. Nollet studied graphic arts at Sint-Lucas School of Arts in Ghent, where one of his fellow students was Ever Meulen, and stayed in the city after graduation. But he never lost his heart for his city of birth. In 1968 he created a full comic book about Wervik's centuries-old history, titled 'Wervik, Vroeger en Nu' (Publi Almar). Fifty years later he created a sequel, '50 Jaar Wervik 2000' (2018), addressing all the events that happened in his village the past half century.

Between 1972 and 1985 he worked for the advertising agency Group Seghers/Dynamic. In 1980 he became sports cartoonist for Het Nieuwsblad, while he drew the comics 'Joch' and 'Krol en Bol' for their juvenile supplement, Stipkrant. In the monthly magazine Raak, people could read his comic strip 'Toontje & Denis'. Nollet was a teacher at Sint Lucas School of Arts in Antwerp from 1982 until his retirement in February 2011, specializing in digital design. In 1986 he established his own advertising studio, Nollet Cartoons & Create. It specialized in campaigns for companies such as UNILIN/Quick-Step, Volvo, OilTanking, the NMBS, Audi, Infrax, BASF, Fluxys, Palm and ICL. Between 1987 and 1988 he made several advertising cartoons, the so-called 'Oscar Palmkes', to promote Palm beer. These ads ran in all Flemish newspapers at the time.

In 1999 he drew the daily cartoon 'Wabliefteruhoastemblieft?', for the Ghent edition of Het Laatste Nieuws, under the pseudonym "Nollie". Most episodes revolved around regional news. Since May 2002 he is also a political cartoonist for the right-wing satirical weekly 't Pallieterke, where he succeeded one of the longest-running contributors, Brasser, after his death in 2001. He was also responsible for introducing cartoonist Griet (a former pupil of his) in the magazine in 2004. In 2019 Nollet designed the cover of the album 'Milieudju Stop!' (2019), a protest album to criticize pollution, recorded by teacher Wim Pauwels.

'Wabliefterhuoastemblieft?'. The man holding a piece of paper is a self-portrait. 

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