Bacon & Egg, by Patrik Norrman (2001)
Bacon & Egg (2001)

Patrik Norrman made his debut in the comic book Svenska Serier of the publisher Semic Press in the 1970s, and was in the editorial team of other Semic magazines, like Fantomen. In Fantomen, he also created his most famous series with Ulf Granberg, 'Bacon & Egg' in 1985-86. This funny animal series also had its own comic book from 1995 to 1997 and later appeared in the comic book Herman Hedning.

James Hund comic, by Patrik Norrman
James Hund, by Patrik Norrman

Norrman worked with Jonas Darnell on 'James Hund' for Svenska Serier in 1987. Other creations for Herman Hedning include 'The Recapists' and 'Nefertiti 2000'. He has also contributed to classic series like '91:an' and 'Bamse'.

Bacon & Egg, by Patrik Norrman
Bacon & Egg, by Patrik Norrman

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