Cynthia by Irv Novick
Cynthia (1946)

Irv Novick was an American comic artist who began his career in 1939 and continued to draw until the late 1990s. After graduating at the National Academy of Design, Novick began his career at the Harry A. Chesler shop. From 1939 to 1946, he drew for MLJ Comics (the future Archie Comics). He was the main artist of their superhero comics. Novick is the co-creator of the original 'Shield' - the first patriotic hero, and he worked on such titles as 'Bob Phantom', 'The Hangman' and 'Steel Sterling'. Novick left MLJ when they dropped their superhero titles. He then turned to advertising art for several years, while also doing the comics 'Cynthia' and 'The Scarlet Avenger'.

Pep comics cover, by Irv Novick

He began a longtime cooperation with DC at Robert Kanigher's shop where he did war stories and covers for 'Wonder Woman' throughout the 1950's. He helped launch 'The Brave and the Bold' and created new looks for 'Batman', 'Lois Lane', and the 'Flash' in 1968. He did 'Lois Lane' for three years and continued with work on 'Batman' and the 'Flash' into the 1980s. Between 1946 and 1953 he also did a newspaper strip called 'Cynthia' for the McClure Syndicate. Irv Novick retired in the late 1990s, due to failing eyesight.

Panels from 'All-American Men of War' by Irv Novick inspired Roy Lichtenstein's pop art paintings 'Whaam!' (1963), while images from Novick's 'Our Fighting Forces' were the source for Lichtenstein's 'Flatten -- Sand fleas!' (1962) and 'Sweet Dreams, Baby!' (1965).

Cynthia by Irv Novick

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