Ghostbusters by Tony O'Donnell

An avid comic reader since his childhood, Tony O'Donnell was accepted by Edinburgh College of Art when he was 16 years old. He published his first work in Rob King's Near Myths comic book ('Thiirania'). He worked on the SF comic 'Abraxas', and drew 'General Jumbo', 'School for Soccer' and sports biographies for the Buddy comic book by DC Thomson. He also drew the football comic 'Johnny Tough' and was a regular on the 'Starblazers' monthly. O'Donnell inked Marvel's 'Starblazer' and Valkyrie's 'Redfox' and had a notable run on Marvel's 'Ghostbusters'. His other credits include art for Star Romance Pocket Books and Harrier Comics. O'Donnell then focused on illustration until he became the artist of 'Ivy the Terrible' in The Beano between 2003 and 2007. Together with Steve Grant, he made the comic 'Socorro' for Platinum Comics.

Star Blazer by Tony O'Donnell
Star Blazer


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