Epinal picture by O'Galop
Metempsycose (Imagerie d'Epinal #2575)

Marius Rossillon, who signed with O'Galop, began his career around 1893 as a humorist artist in magazines like La Vie Drôle, La Bicyclette and Le Cycle. In 1896, he created 'Bibendum', the famous mascot of Michelin, with whom he made a picture story for Epinal, called 'Le Supplice de la Roue'.

from Le National Illustré, by O'Galop (1895)
Le National Illustré (1895)

O'Galop continued to draw for L'Image pour Rire, Le Pêle-Mêle, La Via au Grand Air, La Charivari, L'Almanach Vermot, L'Auto, Le Sourire, Le Cri Sportif, Fantasio, Le Cri de Paris and Ric et Rac up until the late 1920s.

Epinal picture by O'Galop
Le Patinage (Imagerie d'Epinal #2592)

Known comic strips by O'Galop are 'Fifi Céleri', a character with a strong resemblance to 'Buster Brown', created for L'Illustré National in 1904. He also made picture stories for Guignol and La Bonne Surprise. Rossillon has also been active in animation and children's books.

comic strip from Le National Illustre, 1895, by O'Galop (Marius Rossillon)
Le National Illustré (1895)

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