Leticia imágina by O'Kif
'Leticia Imágina'.

Alejandro O'Keeffe was born in the city of Rosario in Santa Fé, Argentina. He studied at the city's Faculty of Humanities and Arts. He published his first work in Rosario, and he started contributing to magazines like Humor, SexHumor, Fierro, El Péndulo, El Periodista de Buenos Aires, Diario Clarin, Revista Billiken, Revista Genios and Jardín de Genios after moving to Buenos Aires in 1985.

He mostly works together with Mónica Gutierrez, who does he coloring for most of his art. He has worked with Carlos Trillo on 'CaZados' in Clarín and with Guillermo Saccomanno and Pablo De Santis on stories for Editoriales Eura, Comic Art and Animal Comic. He is a versatile illustrator for children's books for publishers like Alfaguara, Sudamericana and SM.

Boris by O'Kif
'En las Garras de Boris'.

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