Death Note by Takeshi Obata
'Death Note'. 

Takeshi Obata is a Japanese mangaka, born in Niigata. In 1985 he published his one shot '500 Konen no Kaiwa', for which he won the Tezuka Award. He worked for the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, where he began his first major series 'Cyborn Jii-chan G' in 1989. He eventually went to work in cooperation with writers, such as Yumi Hotta on 'Hikaru no Go' (1998-2003), and with Tsugumi Ohba on 'Death Note' (2003-06). Obata has illustrated the manga adaptation 'Blue Dragon Ral Grad' from the video game 'Blue Dragon' (2006-07), and has been a teacher for mangaka like Kentaro Yabuki, Nobuhiro Watsuki and Yusuke Murata.

Death Note by Takeshi Obata
'Death Note'. Dutch-language version. 

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