comic art by Ippei Okamoto

After his studies in Fine Arts in Tokyo, Ippei Okamoto made his comments on political and social events in his cartoons for Asahi Shimbun starting in 1912. At the same time, he created comics for several magazines, starting with 'Kuma o Tazunete'. He began collaborations with several magazines which resulted in works like 'Tanpô Gashu' (1913), 'Kanraku' (1914), 'Match no Bou' (1915), and 'Monomiyusan' (1916). In 1921, he made 'Nakimushi Dera no Yawa', before he started travelling around the world.

When he returned to Japan, he introduced American comics like Bud Fisher's 'Mutt and Jeff' and George McManus' 'Bringing Up Father' to the Japanese public through publication in a supplement of Asahi Shimbum and in Fujokai. He also took on his own production again and produced 'Yajikita Saikou' (1925) and the collection 'Ipei Zenshû' (1929-30). His book with caricatures, 'Shin Mizu ya Sora', was very famous. Okamoto was additionally an artist of advertising comics, as well as a novelist ('Fuji wa Sakaku' in 1927).

comic art by Ippei Okamoto

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