Le Chantier by Olis
Le Chantier

Olivier Longe, who signs his work Olis, began his career working for Spirou magazine in 1988. He made several drawings for editional sections, as well as the 'Faits Divers' strips by Toldac and some short stories. In 1991, he started the gag series 'Garage Isidore' with François Gilson. This comic gag-strip about a garage-keeper has been collected in several books by Dupuis since 1995. Despite the popularity of the series, Olis handed over the artwork Stédo to focus on his own projects in 2002.

Garage Isidore, by Olis
Garage Isidore

He was present in Pif Gadget with 'Gâbs' between 2005 and 2008. Olis became a regular artist with Éditions Bamboo in 2010, when he published the first book of his series about construction workers 'Le Chantier' with this publishing house. The second followed in 2011. By 2014, Olis launched a new series set in the prehistory, called 'Graines de Sapiens'.

Graines de Sapiens by Olis
Graines de Sapiens

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