Cartoon by Enrique Oliván

Enrique Oliván Turrau is a Spanish cartoonist and comic artist, best known under the pen name Oli. He was born in Huesca, and spent most of his life in Barcelona. He graduated in Law, but eventually pursued a career in cartooning, just like his brother Ricardo Oliván. Just like his brother, he began his career with the Mingote magazine Don José in 1955. In the following years, he contributed to La Codorniz, Solidaridad Nacional, El Noticiero Universal, Ondas, El Papus, El Correo Catalán, La Vanguardia and El Jueves.

Oli worked for Bruguera during the 1960s and 1970s, serving as author as well as editor. Among the series he created are 'Majareto' (El DDT, 1962), 'Oligrafías' (Gran Pulgarcito, 1969), 'Humor gráfico español del siglo XX' (Salvat/Alianza Editorial, 1970), 'Solidaridad con El Papus' (El Papus, 1977) and 'Los últimos de Villapiñas' (JAuJA, 1982). Cartoon collections by Oli are 'Contamos con los dedos' (Península, 1985) and 'Tablao nasional' (El Jueves, 1992).

Both Enrique and Ricardo Oliván have done agency work for foreign publishers through Creaciones Editoriales. In the 1980s they edited the comic magazine JAuJA for Ediciones Druida.

Cartoons by Oli appeared in El Campeón (1960), Can Can (1964), Mata Ratos (1965), Antologías humorísticas (1968), Jabato Color (1969), Strong (1970), Verano Loco (1975), El Playboy (1976) and El Cuervo (1977). Outside of Spain, his cartoons have been published in Punch, Esquire, Quick, Spontan, Aftonbladet, Dagens Nyheter, Die Zeit and Die-Elt. He passed away in Barcelona in 2000, where he resided for many years.

Comic strip by Enrique Oliván

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