Caio Oliveira is a Brazilian comic artist, known for his spoofs on comics and pop culture. Books like 'Super-Ego' (2014), 'Alan Moore: o Mago Supremo' (2015) and 'All-Hipster Marvel' (2015) were parodies of the superhero genre, while 'Panza' (2015) and 'Rlyeh-Boy' (2017) featured personal interpretations of characters from classic literature. More serious in tone was 'Foices & Facões' (2009), a historical graphic novel made in collaboration with his brother, set during the Battle of Jenipapo.

Early life and career
He was born in 1979 in Piripiri as Caio Thiago de Andrade Oliveira. He graduated in English from the State University of Piauí, but never worked as a teacher. In 1999, he began publishing comics in the Piauí region fanzine Teresina. Under the pen name Caio Thiago, he contributed to the manga magazines Desenhe & Publique Mangá (2000) and Hentai X from Editora Escala. He also made the comic strip 'Os Tímidos', published in the newspaper Meio Norte. By 2006 Oliviera studied drawing at the Quanta Academia de Artes in São Paulo, and additionally worked on indie comics with authors from other countries. In the United Kingdom, he was penciler for Gordon MacLean's grim superhero comic 'No More Heroes' (2012) and for Sam Read's futuristic punk mini-series 'Exit Generation' (ComixTribe, 2015).

'Alan Moore: o Mago Supremo'.

Graphic novels
The US publisher Magnetic Press released Caio Oliveira's first solo graphic novel, 'Super-Ego' (2014). The concept stemmed from 2006, when the artist, in vain, presented it to several Brazilian and foreign publishers. A 2011 publication on the Sequential Ink website caught the attention of Magnetic Press editor editor Mike Kennedy. The graphic novel tells the story of a psychotherapist for the superhero community. Oliveira's first graphic novel published in Brazil was 'Foices & Facões' (2009), from a script by his brother Bernardo Aurélio. It takes place during the War for Brazilian Independence, more precisely the Battle of Jenipapo, a confrontation that took place in Campo Maior (Piauí), near the Jenipapo River on 13 March 1823.

Humor & parody
Since 2015, Caio has published humor and parody comics on the Facebook page 'Cantinho do Caio' ('Caio's Corner'). Other parody works were self-published through crowdfunding, like the comic book was devoted to one of the artist's favorite authors, the British graphic novelist Alan Moore. 'Alan Moore: o Mago Supremo' (2015) portrays the writer as a real wizard similar to Marvel's 'Dr. Strange', and his interactions with other comic authors, including his "arch enemies" Grant Morrison and Neil Gaiman. It was followed by 'Panza' (2015), starring Don Quixote's friend Sancho Panza, 'All-Hipster Marvel' (2015), portraying Marvel Comics heroes as hipsters, and 'Rlyeh-Boy' (2017), a "mash-up" of Mike Mignola's 'Hellboy' and H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu.

'All-Hipster Marvel'.

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