Fu-Manchu, by Leo O'Mealia

Leo Edward O'Mealia, who was also known as Leo the Lion, began his career as a political cartoonist for the Rochester Herald in 1907 and the Rochester Times in 1909. In 1912 he worked as a sports cartoonist for the New York Journal, and then joined The Daily News. From 1912 through 1929 he drew the the daily comic 'Wedlocked' for the Associated Newspapers Syndicate.

Jungle Definitions, by Leo O'Mealia (21/2/1914)
Jungle Definitions (21/2/1914)

In 1913 he briefly made the 'Freddy Film' daily for International Feature Service, and he began 'Little Pal' which was distributed by Associated Newspapers until 1928. Another feature by O'Mealia during the 1910s was 'In Jungleland', or 'Jungle Definitions'. He then created newspaper comics for the Bell Syndicate, based on the well-known heroes 'Sherlock Holmes' (1930-31) and 'Fu-Manchu' (1931-33).

Action Comics cover by Leo O'MealiaDetective Comics cover by Leo O'Mealia

In the second half of the 1930s he hooked up with the Chesler Studios and started contributed to early National/DC comic books. He contributed story art and notable cover illustrations to early issues of Action Comics, Detective Comics, More Fun Comics and Adventure Comics. Among the features he drew were 'Andy Handy', 'Barry O'Neill', 'Bob Merritt and his Flying Pals', 'Dr. Fu Manchu' and 'Inspector Donald and Bobby'. He returned to newspaper cartooning for The Daily News in 1943, drawing sports cartoons up until his death in 1960. He signed his name "By Leo" and put his trademark small lion in every drawing.

Fu Manchu, by Leo O'Mealia

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