Femme Fatale, by Lian Ong (1990)
Femme Fatale

Lian Ong was born in Delft and studied Fine Arts in Rotterdam. Although making comics was not her primary occupation, illustrator Ong did publish some feminist comics in various women's magazines. Then, almost by accident, she stepped into the world of comics by doing a short story for Wordt Vervolgd magazine (the Dutch edition of À Suivre). This comic, 'Echte Mannen' ('Real Men') was well received, and Ong decided to start making a longer comic, also to be published in Wordt Vervolgd.

Stuifmeel by Lian Ong

After that, Ong continued with 'Stuifmeel', a summer love story about a middle-aged woman and a homosexual acrobat. This poetic romance, told in wonderfully composed black and white images, got the highest critical praise. She then worked with Bert van der Meij on experimental stories like 'De Lift', 'De Andere Lift', 'De Facelift' and 'Liften'.

Unfortunately for Ong, her next project got stuck into a misty morass of editorial chaos at Casterman publishers, and it took until 1998 until this book was published. 'Horizon' marked Ong's transition to full-color brush work, and was instantly considered a contemporary classic. As a result, Lian Ong was one of the first comic artists to receive a government grant to further develop her work.

Onzichtbare draden by Lian Ong
Horizin - De onzichtbare draden

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