El Camino de Arles, by OPS

OPS is the pseudonym of Andrés Rábago, who was born in Madrid in 1947. Since 1968 he published in magazines like Triunfo, La Codorniz, Hermano Lobo and Cuadernos para el diálogo. Although he was a self-taught artist, he was influenced by Roland Topor, Chumy Chúmez, Eugene de Chirico and René Magritte. His works were also gathered in the books 'Los hombres y las moscas' (1971), 'Mitos, ritos y delitos' (1973), 'Ovillos de baba' (1973) and 'La cebada al rabo' (1975). Since 1978 OPS contributed his comics to Totem and after that to Madriz, where he created stories like 'El Camino de Arles' (1984). A remarkable characteristic of OPS' unusual gag-panels and comics is that they were told without any words.

Eventually Andrés Rábago changed his pseudonym to another one: "El Roto". This also involved a change of style.

El Camino de Arles, by OPS

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