U.S.Agent, by Jerry Ordway

Jerry Ordway studied at the Milwaukee Technical High School and worked as a watercolor painter in the mid-1970s. Around this time, he also began to contribute to comic fanzines. His first break in comics was in 1980 when he inked a Carmine Infantino-penciled story 'Mystery in Space'. Since then, Ordway has worked on a variety of titles, mostly published by DC. His art credits include 'Justice League of America' and 'All-Star Squadron', and the 'Captain Marvel' series 'The Power of Shazam!', for which he also did scriptwork.

All-Star Squadron, by Jerry Ordway

Ordway has worked as a scriptwriter for 'Adventures of Superman', and 'The Avengers'. He has done cover illustrations for Dark Horse and Charlton, and did minor assignments for other publishers, including Eclipse Enterprises, First Publishing and Image Comics.

Thor, by Jerry Ordway

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