Los Cosmicos, by Franco Origone

The brothers Franco and Agostino Origone (b. 1946) have worked together in the field of humorous illustration for over thirty years. Agostino was mostly the writer, while Franco took care of the graphical part. Together they have created numerous political cartoons, comics, illustrations and advertisements.

Nilus, by Origone

Their cartoons have appeared in several Italian journals, including TV Sorrisi, L'Astronomia, Le Stelle, Mondoerre, Domenica Quiz, Il Secolo XIX di Genova, La Gazzetta di Parma, La Provincia Pavese, Liberta' di Piacenza and il Quotidiano di Lecce.

Nilus, by Origone

Their work also appeared for many years in Il Giorno di Milano, Il Mago (Mondadori), Panorama, I Gialli Mondadori, Il Corriere dei Piccoli, Stampa Sera di Torino, ABC, Il Messaggero, La Provincia di Cremona, La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno, La Gazzetta dello Sport, Italia Oggi, Il Piccolo di Trieste, Il Tirreno, and La Gazzetta del Piemonte, as well as in foreign magazines like Jauja (Barcelona, Spain) and Zack! (Germany).

Their most famous creation is 'Nilus & Co', a comic strip set in ancient Egypt. It was originally published in Il Mago, but has appeared in various Italian and foreign newspapers and magazines since 1976. In later years, the two brothers were working on an interactive computer program, and a new comic called 'Mommy'. Franco Origone passed away on 19 February 2014.

Mommy, by Franco and Agostino Origone


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