Captain Rescue by Juan Ortiz
'Captain Rescue'.

Juan Ortiz was born in 1963 in Puerto Rico, and after moving to New York, he graduated from the Art & Design School and School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. Inspired by Jack Kirby and Alex Raymond, he decided to became a comic artist. In 1990 he published a comic series named 'Rescue Comics' together with Francisco Espinosa by Pigeon Press. At the pinnacle of his career, Ortiz was elevated to Director of Illustration for Warner Bros. Studio Stores. From 1989 to 1992, under the art direction of Vice President/Executive Editor Joe Orlando, he illustrated covers for the Warner Bros. magazines Looney Tunes and Tiny Toons Adventures. He is the President and publisher of Silver Comics, where he has created an entire new universe of characters including 'Sea-Bolt', 'Cloud Buster', 'The End', 'Dr. Monster', 'Boom Boxx', 'Captain Rescue' and many more.

Silver comics by Juan OrtizSilver comics by Juan Ortiz
'Silver Comics'.

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