El Trome, by Ruben Osorio

Born in Jauja, Juan Rubén Osorio Blanco (Osito) was an artist for the magazine Canillita, edited by Cano Romero. He was one of the main co-workers of the magazine Avanzada since its first issue in June 1953. He drew 'Muerte en la Misión', which was followed by the series 'Loreto el Justiciero' in the following year. Osito remained active for Avanzada until its final issue in November 1968. In addition, he created 'La Cadena de Oro', starring Juan Santos, in Última Hora from 1952 to 1956. In 1958, he created the superhero 'El Trome'.

La Cadena de Oro, by Ruben Osorio (1952)

Osorio started working in a more humorous style in the mid-1960s. He created 'Chépar, el Astronauta' in the daily Expreso. He eventually returned to adventure comics, and also took on educational illustrations in the supplement Escolar. He has made adaptations of 'Ollanta' with scriptwriter Dionisio Torres, and 'La Leyenda de los Hermanos Ayar'.

Muerte en la Mision, by Ruben Osorio

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