Pieni olento by Pentti Otsamo
Pieni Olento

Pentti Otsamo studied at the University of Arts and Design in Helsinki. Otsamo's works published since his debut in 1980 have included the 'FC Palloseura' series about the world of football from scripts written by Pauli Kallio, short comic novellas and illustrations. He is specialized in depictions of everyday life, as can be seen in his 1999 graphic novel 'Pieni olento' ('The Fall of the Homunculus') about a couple that has to deal with an unexpected pregnancy.

Printemps pour le Monstre, by Pentti Otsamo

The Canadian Drawn & Quarterly Showcase published Otsamo's tale of childhood, 'Life During Wartime' (2004), which has also been translated into Swedish and Italian. 'Siperian kielioppi' ('A Siberian Grammar', 2008) is a biographical work about the Finnish explorer M.A. Castrén.

Fishing, by Pentti Otsamo

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