Starchild by James A. Owen
Starchild #8 (April 1994)

James Owen has written and drawn several independent comic books in the 1990s. He published his 'Starchild' series through both Copperville Press and Taliesin Press. He additionally worked on 'Pryteri Terra' for Fantasy West Publications, contributed to Caliber's 'Negative Burn' and did fillers in Caliber Spotlight.

Around the turn of the century, he turned to novel writing, starting the 'Mythworld' fantasy series, which was followed by 'The Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica' in 2006. Through Coppervale Press he relaunched the magazines International Studio and Argosy in 2003.

Starchild by James Owen
Starchild #7 (March 1994)

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