Caveman, by Tayyar Ozkan

Tayyar Ozkan was born in Anatolia. He published his first cartoons in local political newspapers in 1978. In the following years, he published his work in several humor magazines and newspapers. He also illustrated children's books and greeting cards. After moving to the USA in 1989, he worked on graphic and textile design. His first comics were published in World War 3 Illustrated. His creation 'Caveman' first appeared in Heavy Metal in 1993. A 'Caveman' graphic novel appeared in 1997. He cooperated with writer Joel Rosse and Amos Poe on the mystery book 'La Pacifica' for Paradox/DC Comics. He inked four issues of 'The Dreaming' for DC/Vertigo. He also contributes to the collection 'The Big Book Of...' at Paradox.

Ozkan is also the artist of erotic books like 'Bushwhacked', 'Cave Bang', 'Pet', 'Fletshpot', and 'Lewd Moana', all published by Erox Comix. He also produces erotic drawings for several magazines in the USA (Screw, Hustler etc.) and in Europe (Penthouse Comix in Spain, Blue in Italy etc.). He later also created the comic strip 'Cave'n', and he worked on animated 'Caveman' shorts.

cover by Tayyar Ozkancover by Tayyar Ozkan
'Fleshpot' and 'Pet'.

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