comic art by Storm P. (1928)

Robert Storm Petersen, or Storm P. as he called himself, is considered to be one of Denmark's greatest humorists, both in writing and drawing. One of the pioneers of Danish comics, Storm P. was greatly influenced by American newspaper comic artists of the early twentieth century, as well as by Swedish satirists. He started his career working in his father's butcher shop, but soon moved on to acting, painting and writing.

comic art by Storm P.

When he was twenty years old, several magazines published his illustrations, and he moved to Paris to complete his artistic education. His first comic strip was printed in 1906, in the newspaper Ekstrabladet. In 1913, he came up with his famous characters The Three Small Men, and with their 'sidekick', The Numberman, whose job it was to put the numbers in the comic panels.

The Three Small Men, by Storm P.

Storm P.'s most famous and popular comic was 'Peter and Ping', which started in 1922 in the newspaper B.T. as 'Peter Vimmelskaft'. Storm P. drew the strip, which was the first Danish comic to earn international fame, until his death in 1949. The Danish comic prize Ping has been named after the character he created.

The Three Small Men, by Storm P.
Storm P.

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