The Culver Citizen, 26 June 1935.

Wiley Padan was an American newspaper cartoonist, best remembered for his cartoon series 'It's True' (1933-1947), which visualized news about Hollywood celebrities and films in the form of an illustrated gag cartoon.

Early life and career
William Wiley Padan was born in 1901 in Portsmouth, Ohio. Some sources have claimed he was of Cuban descent, but this is a mistake. His father was a street railway engineer. During his youth he studied at the Central High School of Pueblo, Colorado, where he published in the local school paper. He later went to the University of Missouri and Utah. As a college student he made graphic contributions to the local student magazines and was also a member of the secret student organisation Skull & Bones. After graduation in 1927 he moved to New York City, where he became a member of the general committee of the Town Hall club of New York City. Padan worked as an artist for the magazine Iron Age, after which he became staff advertising artist of the Loew's Theatres on Broadway. In 1938 he became art director of the Eastern States Advertising Agency.

It's True
On 9 August 1933 Padan created the newspaper cartoon panel 'It's True' (1933-1947), which ran until his death in 1947. This weekly cartoon offered the latest trivia about Hollywood stars and new pictures in theaters. It was distributed by the MGM film studios to not only appear in newspapers, but also MGM press books. 'It's True' appeared globally, not just in the United States, but also the United Kingdom, Hungary, Greece, South Africa, India, China, the Philippines and New Zealand. The format of 'It's True' was comparable to Robert L. Ripley's 'Ripley's Believe It Or Not' (1918-....), though in terms of cinematic content it had more in common with Westphal's cartoon feature 'Star Dust' (1929-1932), 'Seeing Stars' (1929-1930) by Don Wootton, Captain Roscoe Fawcett and Bud Thompson's 'Screen Oddities' (1931-1943), George Scarbo's 'Closeup and Comedy' (1934-1939) and Feg Murray's 'Seein' Stars' (1934-1953).

Wiley Padan lived in Queens, New York City, and passed away from a severe heart condition in 1947. He was 46 years old.

The Shamokin News Dispatch, 21 December 1939.

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