Breakthrough, by Zeljko Pahek

Zeljko Pahek was born in 1954, and moved to Belgrade in 1978. He started his comics career a year later by contributing to Student magazine. He was subsequently present in papers and magazines like Politikin Zabavnik ('Svemironicari'), Yu Strip ('Astroidani'), Nasem Strip ('Robeo i Rulijeta'), Stripoteka (short comics), Spunk, Profil and other Yugoslav magazines. Besides an artist, Pahek has written scripts for Dragan Bosnic and Dragan Savic and he has been an illustrator for Politikin Zabavnik.

Pahek's work soon gained popularity, and his comics have appeared all over Europe and in the USA magazine Heavy Metal. Apart from working on his own science fiction series, he has worked as a colorist for Hermann. He also contributed to the 'Durchbruch' anthology, a collection of comics about the falling of the Berlin wall.

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