La Marquise du Pont D'Oye

Pierre-Alexandre Haquin, who works under the pen name PaliX, was born in Arlon. He graduated from the École Supérieure des Arts Saint-Luc in Liège in 1998. Among his early jobs were designing beer labels, decorating a library bus in the province of Luxembourg, drawings for novels and a TV film, and several designs for posters and illustrations.

He has been working as a courtroom sketch artist since 2003, starting with the Cools and Dutroux trials for RTL-TVI. He has since covered most major Walloon and Flemish trials, and also some French ones. He has been a regular illustrator with Le Soir Magazine for over 5 years. He made his first comic pages with Gilles Goetghebuer for the magazine Zatopek in January 2010. The authors made short comic stories about the lives of athletes, that were later collected in book format. He also made the historical book 'La Marquise du Pont D'Oye' with Jacques Herbet in 2010.

Zatopek et compagnie

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