Un Lungo Cammino by Lorenzo Palloni
Un Lungo Cammino

Lorenzo Palloni is an Italian comic author, born in Arezzo in 1987. He appeared twice in the annual European YOUNGBLOOK magazine, and also collaborated with the project 'RAR - Risate Anti Razziste' by the European Union. He is co-founder of the Cultural Association Mammaiuto, where he works as editor and teacher. Palloni is the author of several award-winning comic series in Italy, including the webseries 'Mooned', 'Esatto', 'Un Lungo Cammino', 'Il Cugino' and 'Esatto'. With the French publishing house Sarbacane, he released the graphic novels 'The Corner' (with art by Andrea Settimo, 2014) and 'L'Île' (2016).

L'Ile by Lorenzo Palloni


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