Archie by Dan Parent
Archie - Who's Beach Is It, Anyway? (2010)

Dan Parent began his professional career in 1987, when he graduated from the Joe Kubert School of Cartooning and Graphic Art. He was hired by Archie Comics as a staff artist, where he worked on comic book production, and later licensing. His first big drawing project was Veronica's first solo comic. After this, Dan went on to write, draw (and even co-edit) various Archie titles.

In 1996 he became freelancer, working on titles like 'Cheryl Blossom', 'Betty & Veronica Spectacular' and 'Archie & Friends'. he also started to work on projects for other companies like Felix the Cat Productions, Marvel Comics, Mattel, Disney, Harpercollins and Golden Books. He also taught humor, design and advertising illustration at the Joe Kubert School for five years.

Today he continues to work on web design, children's book illustrations and licensing art for various companies, and of course continues to work on various Archie titles. He redesigned the new B&V Spectacular book, continues to write and draw Veronica and writes and draws other various Archie projects.

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