Vénézia, by Fabrice Parme
Vénézia - Codex Bellum

Fabrice Parme attended the Duperré School of Applied Arts as well as the Angoulême School of Fine Arts. He published his first professional work in Pilote & Charlie in 1988. Zenda publishers published his first album in 1991, entitled 'Les Aventures de Walter Polo: Sang de Vampire'. Parme was then present in Spirou with several stories of 'Le Petit Roi', written by Fabrice Fouquet.

Le Roi Catastrophe by Fabrice Parme
Le Roi Catastrophe

He additionally worked on several French and US animation productions, including the serial 'La Famille Pirate'. His collaboration with Trondheim began in 1994, when they created the first pages of 'Vénézia'. The experiment was not continued until 1999, and Dargaud published an album in 2001. Parme and Trondheim also revised 'Le Petit Roi' and turned it into 'Le Roi Catastrophe', a series of short stories collected in books by Delcourt.

Spirou & Fantasio by Fabrice Parme
Spirou - Panique en Atlantique

For Trondheim's collection Shampooing at Delcourt, the pair made the illustrated book 'OVNI'. Jean-Luc François of Studio Blue Spirit made 52 short animation films based on his comic for Canal +. Parme and Trondheim collaborated once again on 'Panique en Atlantique', a story in the collection 'Une Aventure de Spirou et Fantasio par...' (Dupuis, 2010). Parme and Trondheim made the children's comic 'Jardins sucrés' for Delcourt in 2011 and Parme subsequently co-created 'Famille pirate' with Aude Picault for Dargaud in 2012.

Vénézia, by Fabrice Parme

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