Cauchemar Tropical by Jean-Claude Pascal
'Cauchemar Tropical' (Marius).

After his studies in Applied Arts in Paris, Claude Pascal went to work as the assistant of René Brantonne in 1949. In that same year, he made comic adaptation of the MGM film 'Jody et le Faon' (French title of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings' novel 'The Yearling') for O.K. and he began a collaboration with the publishing house Vaillant. There, he was present in 34 with 'Deux Journalistes Enquêtent' and in Vaillant with 'Louk' (1953-60), both with scripts by Roger Lécureux. In 1957-58 he additionally illustrated the aviation comic 'Les Chats Huants'.

In 1955, he expanded his activities and began collaborations with the Société Générale d'Édition (Sans Peur, À Travers le Monde, O'Kay, Les Loups), S.N.P.I. ('Le Chevalier Biscaye' in Dennis) and the Société Parisienne d'Édition (Fillette, Davy Crockett). In this period, Pascal also illustrated comic adaptations of novels for the collection Mondial Aventures, such as 'Buffalo Bill', 'Sitting Bull', 'Robinson' and 'Hurricane Kid'. For Ima, he produced short stories, as well as 'Le Bouddah de Jade' and 'Le Ranch aux Fantômes' in 1957-58.

Leonardo da Vinci, by Jean-Claude Pascal
'Leonardo da Vinci' (Spirou).

In the 1960s, his work appeared in Pilote. He made various short stories, worked with Germain Fontenelle on 'Le Capitan', illustrated 'Bob Morane' tales, and created short-lived series like 'Jeff Stevens', 'Patrick Enclin' and 'Jacques Arcier'. Pascal also found employments with the magazines Coeurs Vaillants, J2 Jeunes, Hurrah! and L'Intrépide, as well as the specialized magazine Air et Cosmos ('Quatre Hommes de l'Air et du Cosmos' with J.M. Charlier).

Between 1965 and 1979, Pascal was one of the main providers of 'Belles Histoires de l'Oncle Paul' in Spirou, where he was often incorrectly credited as J.-C. or Jean-Claude Pascal. In the same magazine, he made an illustrated biography of 'Leonardo Da Vinci' and even took over the artwork of 'Buck Danny' for several pages of 'L'Escadrille de la Mort', due to the illness of Victor Hubinon. He made adult stories for Marius and made illustrations for Enid Blyton's 'Le Club des Cinq' books at Hachette. In the 1980s, Claude Pascal did advertising work, although he returned to comics in 1985 with 'Conan Doyle Mène l'Enquête' in Okapi (Bayard Presse).

L'√Čvasion, in Vaillant, by Jean-Claude Pascal
'L'Évasion' (Vaillant).

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