Atlas et Axis by Pau
La Saga d'Atlas et Axis

Pau Rodríguez Jiménez-Bravo was born and raised on the Spanish island of Mallorca. He learned with the professionals on the island, and had his first work published in fanzines like Tinta Escampa and GRUNT. In 1995, he also launched his own fanzine with Xabi Uriz and Daniel Martín Peixe: Escápula Comics. He later began contributing to several magazines from Spain (El Víbora, ¡Dibus!), but also from France and Belgium, such as Spirou.

Ze Jacky Touch by Pau
Ze Jacky Touch

He was a topical cartoonist for the dailies Diario de Mallorca and Mallorca Zeitung for thirteen years. Among his cartoon series were 'Las cansiones de Ossifar' and 'El oriquen de todas las cosas'. He has also made illustrations for the collection 'Je Dessine' of the French publisher Vigot between 2008 and 2011.

He is the author of the children's adventure comic 'La saga d'Atlas et Axis', that is published by Ankama in France since 2011, and by Dibbuks in Spain. With writer Sti, he started the hotrod humour series 'Ze Jacky Touch' for Paquet in 2013.

La Saga d'Atlas et Axis by Pau
La Saga d'Atlas et Axis #2

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