Black Terror by Victor Pazmino
Black Terror #11

Víctor Estenio Pazmiño was an artist for American newspaper strips and comic books in the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s. Pazmino was born in Ecuador, but moved to the USA with his family in 1900, when his grandfather became the Consul General of Ecuador in New York City. Pazmino grew up in Brooklyn and Flatbush and attended the Pratt Institute.

Hedda and Tails by Victor Pazmino
Hedda and Tails (Whizz Comics #44)

Mostly using his initials VEP as his signature, he began working on comics and panels in the mid-1920s, starting with 'Frolicky Fables' in the Daily Mirror (1925-26). This was followed by the syndicated feature 'Figgers Family' (1927-28), before he began working for the comic books published by Dell.

cover art by Victor Pazminocover art by Victor Pazmino

For Dell, he drew comic strips and cartoon pages like 'Bush League Barry' and 'Jimmy Jams', as well as the entire 'Clancy the Cop' book. He additionally produced gag cartoons for Ballyhoo Magazine, and made 'Seaweed Sam the Rhyming Rover' and 'Goofie Gags' for the Famous Funnies comic book. By the late 1930s, Pazmino was working on funny features for comic books by other companies, mainly through the Sangor Studio.

Black Terror by Victor Pazmino
Black Terror #2

He created many features for Better/Nedor/Pines, including 'Jr. Wizard', 'Peter the Pooch', 'Kid Bagdad', 'Basil the Bold', 'Butch', 'Frankie Fiction', 'Mortimer Magic' and 'Puss an' Bimbo'. He drew 'Hedda and Tails' for Fawcett's Whiz Comics, 'TNT Todd' and 'Ace G-Man' for Centaur's Keen Detective Funnies, 'Billy Brains the Boy Marvel' for Harvey's Champ Comics, and contributed features like 'Jetsam Joe', 'Laffy Daffy', 'Spots' and 'Uncle Walrus and Willie' to Rural Home titles like Laffy-Daffy Comics.

Uncle Walrus, by Victor Pazmino (Laffy Daffy Comics)
Uncle Walrus and Willie (Laffy-Daffy Comics)

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