De Ballonvaarder, by Wouter Peeters

Wouter Peeters' is a Belgian comic artist, best known for 'De Ballonvaarder'. His earliest comics exploits were published in the readers' section of Robbedoes magazine, called 'Plant 'n Knol'. They ran in issues #2176 (27 December 1979) and #2204 (10 July 1980) and #2267 (24 September 1981) and #2277 (3 December 1981). From the mid-1980s throughout the rest of the decade, he was working as a comic artist on a more professional base. After 'Schpledder', a first book in cooperation with Jan de Ruysser, he began an association as a cartoonist with the newspapers published by De Standaard, including Het Nieuwsblad and its children's supplement De Stipkrant.

His best known creation for this supplement was 'De Ballonvaarder', a series of gags he made with De Ruysser and that was also collected in two books by Van den Bossche in 1988. Bonte collected the entire run of the series in 6 books in 2012. New creations of the early 1990s include 'De Onderkruipers' and 'Pel 'n Ei' with Patrick Van Gompel. He also contributed to the periodical Fresco during this period.

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