Á l'opera by Pépin
À l'opera (L'Eclipse, 1868)

Edouard Pépin was the pen name of the French painter and political caricaturist Claude Guillaumin (also referred to as Edouard Guillaumin). Born in Moulins, Allier, his father was a carpenter and one of the Republicans sentenced to deportation to Algeria after the coup of December 1851. The artist has remained an avid enemy of Bonapartism and despotism in general throughout his career.

Art by Edouard Pépin

He began his career as a caricaturist with magazine La Lune in the 1860s. He later also worked for other satirical magazines, such as L'Éclipse, Le Journal amusant, Le Grelot and La Rue. He made most of the cover illustrations for Le Grelot between 1876 and 1879. He subsequently became a regular artist for the new magazine Le Lampion de Berluron in 1879. Guillaumin became owner and editor of this satirical magazine two years later, in which he expressed a militant anti-clericalism.

Cover for Le Grelot by PépinCover for Le Grelot by Pépin
Le Grelot covers of 4 June 1876 and 21 April 1895.

He returned to Le Grelot in the mid 1880s, where he continued his attack on monarchists, Catholics, boulangists and socialists. His pro-Dreyfuss attitude during the Dreyfus affair in the 1890s brought him in discredit with the editor of Le Grelot. Pépin then started Le Fouet, his own magazine that appeared between 15 October 1899 and 27 May 1900.

Mes parents de province (La Lune, August 1867).

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