Peter Pan by Pere Joan
Peter Pan (Complot! #0, 1985)

Pere Joan was born on the isle of Mallorca, Spain in 1956. He made his debut together with Max in the 1970s (Baladas Urbanas, Muérdago) and wrote and drew comics for magazines such as Cairo, El Víbora, Blanco y Negro, Cavall Fort and Viñetas.

comic art by Pere Joan

Among the series he created are 'Pasajero en Tránsito' (1984), 'El cielo de septiembre' (1987), 'La Lluvia blanca' (Cairo, 1984) and 'Mi cabeza bajo el mar' (1990), which he mostly self-published in books. Pere Joan made 'Julián Velomar en una Isla Desierta' in Diari de Mallorca, and 'Anás' (1989) and 'Bit y Bat' (1996, with Alex Fito) in El Pequeño País.

Cita con el loquero, by Pere Joan

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