Sequana by Stéphane Perger

In 1997, Stéphane Perger was studying Decorative Arts in Strasbourg when he was contacted by Faille Temporelle to take part in an exposition of young talents at a festival in Sierre. His first comic then appeared in Faille Temporelle #10. He won the fifth prize at the festival, and in 1999 he got the Alph Art for young talent in Angoulême. He graduated that same year. In the following year, he drew a short story for the Comix 2000 anthology of L'Association, and contributed short stories to Jade magazine.

He made his album debut with '11, Rue des Templiers' in the collection Libre Court of Temporalistes Réunis. He drew the episode 'Pour Cigogne Le Glas' in the series 'Le Poulpe' of 6 Pieds sour terre. He made the espionage series 'Sir Arthur Benton' with writer Tarek between 2005 and 2007, and then left the artwork to Vincent Pompetti. Between 2008 and 2010 he made the trilogy 'Sequana' with writer Léo Henry for Éditions Emmanuel Proust.

Le Poulpe, by Stéphane Perger

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