I Was The Thing With Two Heads, by Mike Perkins

British artist Mike Perkins attended the Bournville College of Art. He did his first professional work for 2000AD, Marvel UK and Ginn Publishing, through the Temple Rogers agency. His extensive work for 2000AD includes illustrations for series like 'Future Shocks', 'Judge Dredd', 'Tharg's Terror Tales', 'Vector 13' and 'Carver Hale: Twisting the Knife'. He eventually found his way to the US market with work for DC Comics and Caliber Comics, including 'Killroy is Here', 'Black Mist', 'Amongst The Stars', 'Negative Burn', 'St. Germaine', 'Brian Lumley's Necroscope' and his 1997 adaptation of 'Dr. Faustus'.

Besides a penciller, Perkins has also worked as an inker on titles published by DC, Dark Horse and later CrossGen. At Crossgen, he inked 'Ruse' (pencilled by Butch Guice), pencilled and inked 'Archard's Agents' and co-created 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang' with Tony Bedard. Perkins co-created 'Spellbinders' for Marvel with Mike Carey for Marvel Comics in 2005. Other Marvel credits include 'Spider-Man', 'Fantastic Four', 'X-Men', 'Annihilation Conquest', 'House of M: Avengers', 'Union Jack' and, most notably, 'Captain America'. Also for Marvel, he adapted the Stephen King novel 'The Stand' to comics. Perkins has illustrated children's books and educational literature, and has worked in computer game design, album covers and business-centered graphic design.

I Was The Thing With Two Heads, by Mike Perkins


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