Dia de rebajas, by Darko Perovic
Dia de Rebajas

Darko Perovic was born in Arandelovac, and attended the School of Graphic Arts in Belgrade. He began his career in 1983 drawing for nearly all Yugoslav publications, and also doing storyboards and advertising art. He drew among others the series 'Brek' in Yu strip magazine. He settled in Barcelona, Spain, in 1991 and began a collaboration with scriptwriter Enrique Abuli.

Brek by Darko Perovic

He published in magazines like Cimoc, Creepy, Makoki and El Víbora. His work also found its way to Italian magazines like Terrific, Lanciostory and Skorpio, as well as BoDoï in France. In 1997 he began a collaboration with Sergio Bonelli Editore in Italy, and became an artist for the 'Magico Vento' series.

Magico Vento, by Darko Perovic
Magico Vento

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