Les Pieds-Nickelés, by Aristide Perré

Aristide Perré started his career making illustrations for the publications of Offenstadt, including magazines like Le Cri-Cri, Le Rire and Le Pêle-Mêle. Starting in 1922, he started working for Les Petits Bonhommes for which he created the series 'Bourlekrane reporter' in 1925. In 1934, he took over the famous series 'Les Pieds-Nickelés' from Louis Forton for a period of four years. At the same time, he was working for Rouff publishers, where he started the series 'Poucette trottin'. In 1940 he was present in Le Journal de Toto with 'Clodomir'.

In World War II, he refused to collaborate and he stopped all his activities, except a comic adaptation of the radio series 'La Famille Duraton'. In 1949 he continued working for Rouff on the series 'Zigoto' (1950-58), 'La Famille Bigorno' (1951-57), 'Lamalice et Gourdiflo' (1952-54) and 'Mimile et Minouche' (1955-57). Also after World War II, he started his own advertising studio and he sang and acted in some theatrical productions.

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