Shaman, by Peru (Olivier & Stéphane Peru)

Stéphane Péru began his career working together with his brother Olivier Péru, using the joint signature Péru. They did various covers and stories for Semic France. Doing scenario and artwork together, they started the 'Shaman' series in 2003 at Nucléa/Soleil. They have also illustrated roleplaying games together. He has also done the coloring for many of his brothers other comic projects.

Stéphane is however best known as the colorist on Marvel's 'Ultimate X-Men', 'Incredible Hercules', 'Annihilation: Conquest' and 'Annihilation: Conquest - Quasar', 'Avengers: The Initiative', 'Civil War: X-Men', and DC's 'Teen Titans: Year One', '52', 'The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive' and 'All Flash'. Olivier and Stéphane Péru began 'Guerres Paralelles' at Soleil in 2007. Sadly, Stéphane Péru passed away in February 2008 at the age of 26.

Shaman, by Peru (Olivier & Stéphane Peru)

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