Toran, by Frédéric Peynet

Frédéric Peynet was born in Saint-Rémy and developed an interest in comic art through reading 'Asterix' and the work of Grzegorz Rosinski. He studied Applied Arts in Nantes. During a period of three years he was educated to become a commercial graphic artist. Peynet wrote and drew a complete comic album for his exams. In 1997 he started his professional career after meeting Isabelle Plongeon and receiving some guideance by Régis Loisel.

Peynet and Plongeon made their debut with the comic 'Les Apatrides', that was published by Pointe Noire in 2000. They started their second series in the following year, called 'Toran', of which three books were published by Nucléa until 2003. Together with scenarists Jean-Luc Istin and Erwan Le Breton and fellow artist Guy Michel, he participated in the first three books of the series 'Les Contes du Korrigan' from 2002. With Jean-Charles Gaudin, he subsequently created the fantasy series 'Le Feul' (2005-2009) and the thriller 'Phœnix' (since 2010), both for Soleil. He has also participated in several anthology projects by this publisher.

Le Feul by Frederic Peynet
Le Feul

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