Submariner, by Carl Pfeufer

The young Carl Pfeufer grew up and went to high school in New York. After graduation he went on to Cooper Union, studying freehand drawing. In the 1930s, Pfeufer was working as a staff artist for the Brooklyn Eagle. Together with writer Bob Moore he created 'Don Dixon and the Hidden Empire' and 'Tad of the Tambark'. In 1936, Pfeufer took over 'Gordon, Soldier of Fortune' from John Hales. In 1941, Pfeufer turned to comic book work for Marvel and later for Fawcett. His credits include 'Ibis the Invincible', 'Commando Yank', 'Submariner', 'The Chisholm Kid' and 'Tom Mix'. Carl Pfeufer devoted the last years of his life to turning out painting and sculptures for galleries around the world.

The Chisholm Kid, by Carl Pfeufer

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