comic art by Pic 1994
1994 cartoon. Translation: "We're not alone!!! The Netherlands, the other country where a federation makes cheese by using its feet." A pun on the expression "faire une fromage", which literally translates to "making cheese", but figure-of-speech means "to overreact". 

Pic LeLièvre was born during a hurricane. He studied printing in Paris, and after graduating, he built a comics group (together with Zou, Lecomte and Ata) called Mix-Mix, which presented itself at the Angoulême Comics Festival in 1983. Several comics emerged from this collaboration, such as 'Guedji' and 'Une Farce pour 2 Dindons'. He published in the magazines Métal Hurlant, Harakiri and Pilote.

Mix Mix, by Pic (1982)
'Mix Mix', 1982.

Because of the comic crisis in France, Pic had to go into illustrating to earn a living. He made many sport cartoons and designed labels for alcoholic drinks. Other comic works by Pic include 'Noeuds Malin', 'Le Bois Ne Rends Pas Les Coups' (a flip-book) and the series 'Willy et Brocantor, les Genies de la Fontaine'. He has contributed to Hara-Kiri, Fripounet, France Football and International Herald Tribune. He created the game comic 'Pic and Zou' in Spirou and collaborated with Gilbert Shelton on 'Not Quite Dead'. Besides creating comics, he likes sailing and sculpting, and the artwork of Peter Pontiac.

Pic & Zou, by Pic
'Pic & Zou'.

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