la Vie de Savorgnan de Brazza, by Pierdec
La Vie de Savorgnan de Brazza (Bernadette, 1952)

Born in Toulouse, Pierre Decomble got his degree in law and settled in Paris before embarking on a career in comics, using the pseudonym 'Pierdec'. He illustrated coloring books and stories for the Collection Vaillance in 1947-48. His first comic stories were published in Jeudi Matin, Pierrot, Lisette, La Semaine de Suzette and Marie-France. In the late 1940s, he was working for Bonne Presse on series like 'Pirouli' in Bernadette and several stories for Bayard, including 'Mission au Kian-Si', 'Les Prospecteurs du Xingu' and 'Quand les Vautours ne Volent Plus'. He contributed to L'Intrépide before he began a long collaboration with the publishing house Fleurus, that lasted until the mid-1980s.

Opération Bouledogue by Pierdec
Opération Bouledogue (Ames Vaillantes #25, 22/6/1958)

Pierdec made illustrations, short stories and continuing adventure stories for Coeurs Vaillants, Ames Vaillantes, Fripounet et Marisette, Kisito, Formule 1, J2 Magazine, and Djin. Among the stories he created were 'Robin des bois', 'Sacajeva', 'Anne de Bretagne', 'La Fée des Grèves', 'Myrna et les Pigéons', 'Ben Hur' and 'L'Étoile de Pourpre', as well as the series 'Steve et Frank' in Fripounet (with Georges Fronval, 1966) and 'Gilbert de Pontans' in Formule 1 (with Guy Hempay, 1973). He drew for Terres Lointaines from 1978 and provided illustrations for the Bible at Éditions du Rameau.

Mozart by Pierdec
Mozart (Bayard, 9/9/1956)

Decomble illustrated for the collection 'Les Voyageurs de l'Histoire' for publisher Pierre Bordas and historical books for Les éditions Fleurus in the final stages of his career, retiring in 1988. Pierre Decomble died in Toulouse, France in 2006.

Un Coeur de Chien. Bernadette cover by Pierdec (Pierre Decomble)
Bernadette cover by Pierre Decomble

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