Le Grand Jeu by Leo Pilipovic
Le Grand Jeu

Leonid Pilipović is a Serbian comic artist, illustrator, designer, tattoo artist and musician. born in Suboticca, he graduated from the Faculty of Graphic Arts from the University of Belgrade in 1995. Inspired by the avant-garde comics group Novi Kvadrat, he has published his comic stories in local fanzines and the paper Mladost since 1988. He was subsequently a contributor to monthly comic magazines like Patak, Tro, Striper and Patagonija.

He was also engaged in international music and comics movements against the war in Yugoslavia, including a contribution to the magazine AUT! in 1996. He has published his short strips in the Subotica paper Dani, and created the popular comic strip 'What's new in da zoo?' with Darko Kovacevic, that appeared during a period of two years in the cultural guide of Subotica.

Pilipovic has drawn the fourth and fifth installment in the French series 'L'Histoire Secrète', written by Jean-Pierre Pécau and published by Delcourt. He continued his collaboration with Pécau for the series 'Le Grand Jeu', that is published since 2007. He is additionally the artist for the heroic fantasy series 'Ravermoon', written by Sylvain Cordurié and published by Soleil since 2010.

Ravermoon by Leo Pilipovic

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