Comic Creator Arthur Pinajian

Arthur Pinajian

Art Franklin, Art Gordon, Jay Fletcher, Tohm Dix

(28 March 1914 - 19 August 1999, USA)   United States

Arthur  Pinajian

Madam Fatal by Arthur Pinajian
Madame Fatal (Crack Comics #14, July 1941)

Art Pinajian worked as a comic book artist from the late 1930s throughout the 1950s. He was a member of the Eisner-Iger Studio in 1938-39 and of Funnies Inc in 1939-42. He worked on many 1930s Centaur titles and features, including 'Capitain Juan', 'Egbert the Great' and 'Tim Roberts'. He subsequently joined Funnies Inc.

Reynolds of the Mounted, by Art Pinajian
Reynolds of the Mounted

Pinajian also drew 'Captain Terry Thunder' for Fiction House, 'Inspector Bancroft' for Fox Comics, 'The Wasp' for Lev Gleason and 'Jungle Terror' for Timely. He was a regular at Quality Comics with 'Hooded Justice', 'Invisible Justice', 'Madame Fatal' and 'Reynolds of the Mounted'. In the 1950s he worked on western stories for Atlas/Marvel.

Invisible Justice, by Art Pinajian
Invisible Justice

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