Joged-Bumbung ou: La Joie de Vivre, by Joe G. Pinelli (1990)
Joged-Bumbung ou: La Joie de Vivre (1990)

Joe Giusto Pinelli is an artist who plays with the nuances of black and white. His erotic tinged stories are both realistic and caricature. They are a reflection of the era in which they are published, with a sense of genuineness, rudeness and intimacy, and are sometimes shocking.

comic art by Joe G. Pinelli

Pinelli has contributed to a variety of magazines, including 25 Mensuel, Morsure, À L'Aise, Rubrica, Mad Moselle, Sortez la Chienne, Bulles Dingues, Café Noir and Zozolala. His first albums were published by the Dutch publisher Sherpa between 1984 and 1989 ('Joged Brumbung', 'Gorilla-Gorilla'). For publisher PLG, he created a trilogy in 1992/93 ('No mas pulpo', No mas Chorizo', 'Que Cigares').

Beau Salopard, by Joe G. Pinelli (1994)
Beau Salopard (1994)

In 1995, he produced 'Beau Salopard', followed by the trilogy 'Dinde Sauvage' between 1996 and 1999. Pinelli then created 'Wild Kate' (Sherpa), 'Le Passage du Lézard' (PLG), 'Dont Louis a Chassé les Funestes' (PLG) and 'Fado' (PMJ). In 1999, he published 'Voix Intérieure' in Ego Comme X. He cooperated with novelist Patrick Raynal on 'Arrêtez le Carrelage' for Six Pieds Sous Terre (2001). Joe Pinelli is also a drawing teacher at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Liège.

Egri Bikaver (1997) by Joe Pinelli
Egri Bikaver (1997)

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