comic art by Carlos Pino

Carlos Pino was born in Madrid. He is a nearly self-taught artist. His early work appeared in Spanish magazines of the late 1950s and the 1960s such as 3 Amigos and Duwarin. He didn't begin a productive period until he teamed up with fellow artist Vicente Alcázar in the 1960s. Their joint signature was CARVIC. Their works were mainly war stories, which they did for the magazine Chío (1967) and then for the British market. Either with his companion or without him, Carlos Pino collaborated with such UK publications as TV Century 21 and War Picture Library. They entered the US market with the help of artist and editor Gray Morrow and they eventually moved to the USA about mid-1970s. Carlos Pino worked for Red Circle Productions (Sorcery), Archie Publications (Super Cops, Mystery, Madhouse), Marvel (Monsters Unleashed) and Charlton ( Space 1999).

Finally the careers of Vicente Alcázar and Carlos Pino got separated. Alcázar kept on working for the USA whereas Pino focused on the British market for a long and prolific period. From then on he did mainly SF and war serials for publisher Fleetway. They appeared in such magazines as Battle Picture Weekly, 2000 A.D., Starlord, Adventure, Speed and Mask. Since early 1980s he also worked for Scottish publisher Thomson in the publications Victor and the long-lived Commando. In addition he worked in advertising.

comic art by Carlos Pino

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