Bizarro by Dan Piraro

Dan Piraro is an American cartoonist, painter, illustrator, comedian and television host. Born as Daniel Charles Piraro in Kansas City, Missouri, he spent most of his childhood in Oklahoma and has later lived in Dallas, New York City and Los Angeles. Piraro attended the Washington University in St. Louis and was a commercial illustrator before becoming a cartoonist. He created the surreal cartoon feature 'Bizarro' in 1985 and the award-winning panel has been distributed over the US and Canada, as well as Europe and parts of Asia and South America.

Bizarro, by Dan Piraro

The author regularly puts his political views in his cartoons, such as his support for gay marriage and vegan activism. Book collections have been published since 1986. Since 2001 he has been touring the US with his one-man show 'The Bizarro Baloney Show'. He is also the host of the Fox reality program 'Utopia', that is based on the Dutch TV show of the same name.

Bizarro, by Dan Piraro

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